Discover How to Get married in Mexico.

Read this, if you want to achieve your Dream Wedding in Mexico.

Are you thinking of getting married in Mexico?

Planning your dream destination wedding in Mexico is challenging and rewarding.

First you have to think about what kind of wedding you want…and then…

Trying to organize all the vendors, catering and wedding services can be difficult!

It’s important to have someone who can organize and take care of your weddings services and create the vision of your perfect wedding…

So it makes sense to find someone you trust to do this for you.

We work with only the best vendors and services providers to make sure you have high-quality wedding…

We organize and plan everything perfectly from start to finish. We make sure you get the wedding you want and have fun! 

We invite you to start planning your wedding today. Get Started today!

The Two Types of Mexico Weddings

There are two types of Weddings you can choose from.

Private Weddings

  • More flexibility for the schedule of the event, so you can enjoy your party on your own time.

  • This type of wedding we organize in relation to what you want. This is according to your tastes and needs. You get to choose!

  • We can find the place of your dreams among many options of private locations that we have.

  • You get the services that you want. Our wedding providers can work in a more accessible way without restrictions.

  • Greater care for you and your loved ones. We offer different options of accommodation and transportation for all guests and you.

This is your best option if you want a high-quality personal wedding. You get the private beautiful location of your choosing.Most couples who choose a Private Weddings enjoy a higher level of satisfaction.

Resort Wedding

If you thinking of having your wedding in an “All Inclusive” Hotel, you should know the following:
  • They handle packages already pre-established. They include only the basics for a certain number of guests. In case the number of attendees to your event is greater, an extra cost occurs for each of them.

  • It is necessary that at least 80% of your guests stay for 3 nights. With preferential rates, the rest of the guests that attend will have to pay an extra fee for each one of them.

  • Only allow the event on the beach to be for a duration of 4 or 5 hours. The area reserved on the beach is not 100% private, so other guests will most likely be around your event. Later you must move to an area of the hotel such as the roof, restaurant or lounge to continue the party. This is due to noise restrictions until 10 or 11 pm, as they take care of all guests of their hotel.

  • Resorts offer a limited number of “In-House” wedding providers. Includes flowers, makeup, photography and video among others. If you want to work with your own external provider, there will be extra charge by the resort.

Over 12 Years of Creating your dream Weddings

‘Life is a journey. Whoever travels, lives twice.’

This is the phrase held in my heart and I started my adventure as Wedding planner.

For a long time “Riviera Maya” was the place I always wanted to visit, live and experience.

The pursuit of this “dream” allowed me to achieve my purpose.

Creating weddings in the top wedding destination in the world, in front the Caribbean Sea and in the most charming places in Mexico.

Today we are proud to have more than 12 years of experience in planning weddings.

My team and I take care of you. Making sure you get the wedding you want.

Gisela, Founder of Go Diva Weddings.

Make sure you and your loved ones experience a Mexican Wedding to remember.

Ensure sure your wedding is perfect and memorable the way you want it to be.

Getting married in Mexico
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Getting married in Mexico
Are you thinking about getting married in Mexico? Learn how to get your dream wedding in Mexico! Get Started today!
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